Fusion Timing provides quality low cost running event and RFID race chip timing services in San Diego, Los Angeles, and California!

Full Service RFID event and race chip timing
We guarantee the best price for your event timing needs!

Jogathon Lap Counting
Does your school have a jogathon? Are you tired of counting laps for hundreds of kids? Stress no more! Try our Jogathon Lap Counters service for about $1.75 per student!

Corporate or Convention Center Runs/Walks
Looking to offer a Corporate, Convention Center or Conference running or walking event? Challenger Productions & Fusion Timing offer a full service event planning, production and RFID timing service!

Your One-Stop Shop Event Service Provider.
Services include:
  • RFID Timing with dynamic entrant loading 
  • Live online and printed results
  • Live large scrolling screen (for results)
  • Live announcer screen (for results)
  • Event course planning, setup & supplies
  • Event production services

For more information contact:
Roger Drews